I am a wife, daughter, mother of twin girls, former large corporation HR lead turned stay-at-home mom turned do-strategic-HR-work-when-my-kids-are-at-school. I’m like most women: trying to find that magic balance among family, career and well-being. Bliss and struggle live together in these choices.

I have either loosely or formally been a writer since I could talk. As a child, I’d regularly write short stories and then moved into journaling throughout my teens and twenties. I think that saved my life sometimes. Achieved a bachelors of science in print journalism and spent years in a writing environment, but a passion for doing something different with my career emerged after coming close to death twice in one year, so pursued an MBA and moved into the business HR field.

And then I had twin girls. The best thing that ever happened to me, besides getting married, of course! I did the opposite of what most people do, I kept working until my kids were six and then left the corporate world. Oh well. The girls only seem to care I’m here now. I also love cooking, photography and anything outdoors, so those topics might make their way into my posts.

I was given this great gift after the aforementioned life-changing experiences, and that is, seeing meaning in so much more than I ever did. I use “meaning” fairly loosely: it might be something that hits me to my core, or it makes me laugh until I cry. I wish to share these stories and “a-has” with the intent to amuse and spark thought.

I love to hear others’ stories and experiences as well, so start seeing and please share!

2 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. I just read Opting Out? Why Women Really Quit Careers and Head Home by Pamela Stone who looks at why highly educated, successful career-oriented women opt out of their careers at different stages of motherhood. Based on your Introduction, you might like it and I would love to hear your perspective. : )

    • That is REALLY interesting. I just skimmed the book’s description and comments from people and seems right on — Yes, I left because I missed my kids and husband’s job was too crazy, it was totally the last resort, but was it more the job?? The job I left was barely sustainable as a single person, much less with twin infacts/toddlers and now 7-year-olds and husband with a successful career. They wanted to be flexible, but the job was the job. Like in that book, I’m totally trying to reinvent myself — I still panic everyday about not having a career, and I still have ALL my suits 😉 I have another blog, where I did two posts about why there aren’t more women execs, and is similar to themes in this book. Thanks for the comment!

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